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Why track these cases?

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It’s no secret that red states like Texas, Florida, Arizona, and others have an anti-immigrant agenda—and they’re using the courts to achieve it. We need to keep abreast of these threats to fight back on these harmful narrative and courtroom advances.

That’s why Justice Action Center (JAC) has launched this litigation tracker on Challenges to Immigrant Inclusive Policies. This tracker details current anti-immigrant legal action and includes court filings, news coverage, and movement tools to engage in court or policy advocacy with the Biden administration. We want to decode these legal moves so that everyone in our movement has the information necessary to engage in smart, creative advocacy to counter them—whether they have a law degree or not.

As a complement to this tracker, we send out a bi-weekly newsletter outlining the latest courtroom updates. Subscribe here or at the form at the bottom of the page!

Also, if you have any cases you'd like to see included in this tracker or other feedback you'd like to share, please email tasha.moro@justiceactioncenter.org.


The JAC Team

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