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5/15/23: T42’s expiration brings new restrictions on asylum, red state litigation on the few humanitarian pathways left 

4/21/23: More Defenders for CHNV Parole; Discovery Fights Continue in LA; TX Targets $1.7 Trillion in Federal Spending

4/3/23:  Individuals Seek Intervention to Defend CHNV Parole; Red States Demand Names of Asylum Seekers

3/15/23: FL Wins Detention Suit; TX Judge Won’t Transfer CHNV Case; WV RMX Case Awakens

3/6/23: T42 Cases in Limbo; CHNV Parole Headed for Quick Bench Trial* and more

2/22/23: Legal Decoder on Biden's Proposed Asylum Ban

2/10/23: Mexico Says No to RMX 3.0; AZ Gets Dismissive; New Asylum Ban Fast-Tracked

1/26/23: Red States Sue over New Parole Program; Fifth Circuit to Hear OA on T42 Termination

1/18/23: New Year, Same Story: Red States Continue Attacks on Migrants

12/15/22: Title 42 at DC Circuit; Florida’s Demand to Detain More Migrants Headed to Trial

12/2/22: Title 42 Held Unlawful but Red States Seek to Intervene; SCOTUS Hears Arguments on ICE Enforcement Guidance

11/4/22: As Election Day Approaches, Red States Go All-In on Anti-Immigrant Bigotry

10/6/22: Fifth Circuit Sides with Texas on DACA

9/29/22: Update on Litigation over Detention of Asylum Seekers, NEPA, and More

9/9/22: Updates on Litigation over DACA and RMX; Forecasting Litigation on New “Public Charge" Rule

8/18/22: Updates on RMX and Border Wall Construction

8/4/22: Fifth Circuit Prolongs Injunction of RMX Termination While Litigation Over Asylum Regulation Slows

7/22/22: SCOTUS Agrees to Resolve Circuit Split on Immigration Enforcement Guidance, But Keeps It Blocked for Now

6/30/22: Key Takeaways of Remain In Mexico (RMX) SCOTUS Decision

6/17/22: ICE Priorities Memo Held Unlawful; Partial Stay of Title 42 Injunction Denied; Indiana Flies Solo

5/26/22: States Seek Injunction of Asylum Regulation; Updates on Title 42

5/12/22: TX Sues Over Asylum; Border Wall Litigation Still Stalled; Updates on Title 42; FAQs

4/29/22: TRO granted in Legal Challenge to Title 42 Rescission; Red States Seek Preliminary Injunctions

4/12/22: LA & TX Challenge Title 42 Wind-Down; ICE Enforcement Guidance Back in Effect—For Now

4/1/22: CDC issues “Public Health Determination and Order” terminating the Title 42 Policy

3/29/22: ICE Enforcement Guidance; Border Wall Fight; CAM Parents Seek to Intervene

3/4/22: Title 42 Has Big Day in Court, But Going Both Ways; Other Litigation Pauses Due to RMX Case

2/18/22: TX Goes Judge-Shopping; AZ Fails to Co-Opt Enviro Laws for Anti-Immigrant Agenda

2/1/22: Litigation Updates on RMX, CAM and 2020 Diversity Visas

1/18/22: New Year, Same Anti-Immigrant Policies

12/8/21: "Waiting for Godot": Asylum Policies and ICE Priorities

11/22/21: RMX, Title 42, and DACA

10/22/21: Introducing JAC's Litigation Tracker

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